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The Importance of Coatings Science in Forensic Investigations
Skip Palenik
President and Senior Research Microscopist, Microtrace LLC
It may not strike the coatings scientist or formulator that their daily work could have an impact on the solution of many of the crimes they hear about in the media or see on television. This presentation will show, by examples from the presenter’s casebook, the importance of paint traces as evidence in real-life cases ranging from hit and run accidents and homicides to the oldest murder re-trial in this country, to the Green River Murders, the biggest serial murder case in U.S. history.
Renewable Materials in Coatings – Future Directions
Craig Wilson
Senior Scientist, PPG Industries
The global coatings market is currently valued at approximately $150 billion USD, with a 4% compound annual growth rate. The vast majority of these coatings are petroleum derived. Coatings chemistry is ever evolving due to continuing changes in the consumer market and regulatory demands. Coatings continue to move towards water-based, low-VOC formulations as well as other more environmentally friendly compositions. The use of greener, more sustainable materials is well aligned with the trend towards global innovation. However, the application of green coatings has been limited, and commercialization has been quite challenging. Coatings chemistry is complex to meet the specific appearance and performance requirements of the final product, as well as to satisfy shelf life and application conditions. This presentation will include examples of product development using bio-based materials in applications such as alternatives to epoxy-based coatings and UV-curable coatings. We will also discuss the challenges of bringing these products to the market.

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